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In addition to our panel discussions and talks, the MIT Bitcoin Expo also hosts a hybrid hackathon. The hackathon has historically produced amazing crypto projects that have even led to some of them getting funded to continue development after the event. The hackathon is a 30-hour competition where people looking to get into web 3 and veteran hackers in the space compete to put projects together. Submissions come from all over the world, and many hackers and teams even come to compete in person. The hackathon provides an opportunity for hackers to showcase their creativity and technical skills, and offers the potential for new and innovative ideas to emerge. We're excited to see what this year's hackathon will bring and we encourage all hackers to participate, whether in person or remotely. 

Our conference prides itself on being a technical event that features protocol-level talks and panel discussions from regulators, scientists, developers, researchers, and others who are passionate about furthering our understanding of what's possible in crypto now, and what may be possible in the future.

If you've attended our conference before, you know what an amazing weekend it is, and we hope you'll join us again this year. If you're new to the event, we invite you to visit MIT on April 22-23 and experience the innovation and excitement that our community has to offer.

This past year has been a tumultuous one for the crypto industry, and we've learned a lot about what's needed for Bitcoin, blockchain, and web3 to not only survive, but to thrive. We've seen many failures in the space, but we've also seen some major wins, such as Bitcoin's continued resiliency, Ethereum's move to proof of stake, and advancements in ZK technology.

The influx of talented individuals joining crypto and web3 in recent years has us excited to invite some of them to share their work and findings at the Expo. The conference is known for its technical talks, which cover a wide range of topics in the crypto space.  This year's speakers will share their research and theories on a variety of topics, including proof of work, regulation, institutional adoption, ZK rollups, starks, DID, Lightning network, the effects of AI on crypto and web3, and covenants for Bitcoin.

The MIT Bitcoin Expo is back, and this year we're celebrating our 10-year anniversary! Starting as a small club of MIT students interested in a technology that wasn't covered in classes, we've grown to become the longest-running university student-led crypto conference in the world.

Building Blocks


APRIL 22 - 23, 2023

But the MIT Bitcoin Expo isn't just about the talks and events. It's also about the connections you make and the ideas you exchange and the after-party! Our conference features bustling university spaces where you can explore new products and services, chat with company representatives, and discover exciting new startups and research all related to crypto.  On Saturday night, all attendees are invited to our annual after-party.  This year we will be hosting you at Big Night Live in Boston where all speakers and attendees will be able to hang out and party the night away.

So join us as we celebrate 10 years of crypto innovation and explore the latest trends and developments in the industry. Register now for the MIT Bitcoin Expo 2023 on April 22-23, and be a part of this amazing event!

Hannah and Manish

Co-Presidents of MIT Bitcoin Expo 2023

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