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Sam Broner


AI+Crypto Panel

Manish Kumar

Crypto/AI VC Investor and Founder of Aptava

AI+Crypto Panel

Waikit Lau

Founder, Lau Ventures

AI+Crypto Panel

Ramesh Raskar

Associate Professor at MIT Media Lab

AI+Crypto Panel

David Vorick

Cofounder of Glow

AI+Crypto Panel

Sam Stuewe

Are We CBDC Yet? A Dose of Healthy Skepticism

Daniela Brozzoni

Software Engineer

BDK Deep Dive

Trey Del Bonis

Software engineer at Wadagso

Bitcoin R&D Panel

Simanta Gautam

CEO, Alpen Labs

Bitcoin R&D Panel

Antoine Poinsot

CTO at Wizardsardine

Bitcoin R&D Panel

John Light

Bitcoin Researcher; ex-Head of Governance, Aragon

Bitcoin Rollups

Paul Sztorc

CEO at LayerTwo Labs

Bitcoin soft forks, governance, culture

Wei Dai

Research Partner at 1kx

Blockchain VC Panel

Yida Gao

Managing Partner - Shima Capital

Blockchain VC Panel

David Garcia

CEO - Managing Partner, Borderless

Blockchain VC Panel

Boris Revsin

Managing Partner at Tribe Capital

Blockchain VC Panel

Buck Perley

Senior Software Engineer and Team Lead, Unchained Capital

Breaking Bitcoin so we can fix it

Maxwell Kanter

Contributor at Gitcoin

DAOs Panel

David Micley

DAOs Panel

Berk Ozer

Senior Venture Partner at Orange DAO

DAOs Panel


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