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Sunny Aggarwal

Cofounder Osmosis Lab

Andy Arditi

Researcher at Scroll

Manuel Beaudroit

CEO @ belo

Daniela Brozzoni

Software Engineer

Andy Chatham

co-Founder DIMO, CEO Digital Infrastructure Inc.

Joe Clapis

President of Mercadian Systems LLC and Senior Blockchain Engineer at Rocket Pool Pty LTD

Patrick Collins

Software Enginer

Lin William Cong

Rudd Family Professor of Management | Associate Professor of Finance

Michael Dubrovsky

Co-founder PoWx

Leo Fan

Cofounder, Cysic

Gordon Grove

Head of Product at Stardust

Louis Guthmann

Ecosystem Lead @Starkware

Harry Halpin

CEO of Nym

Thomas Hardjono

MIT Connection Science & Engineering

Sanket Kanjalkar

Cryptographic Engineer, Blockstream

Anton Katz

Co-Founder & CEO; MIT Alum

Ken Kruger

Founder & CEO, Moon

Waikit Lau

Founder, Lau Ventures

Charlie Lee

Director, Litecoin Foundation

Kenny Li

Cofounder Manta Network



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