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Eduardo Novillo Astrada

Eduardo is a married man, father of Cruz, Justo, Lucio and Tristan. A sportsman from his earliest moments, a native of the Open Door area, where he played his first polo matches, a place that saw him grow up and become the professional polo player he set out to be. He did his primary and secondary studies at Colegio Cardenal Newman.

He studied Business Administration and is an entrepreneur with participation in a portfolio of companies that develop sports businesses, technology, e-sports, real estate, agribusiness and pets.

His passion for sport, perseverance, vision and desire pushed him to achieve a 9-goal handicap for 6 consecutive years, and stand out among the best polo players in the world.

He has had many national and international sporting achievements, but the best has been winning the Triple Crown tournament of Polo Argentino in 2003 with the La Aguada team.

He also has a strong commitment to social action. He was distinguished as a sponsor of the NGO Grano de Mostaza and UNICEF. For more than 10 years he has actively participated in the development of polo in Argentina and the region. From 2014 to 2016 he was the head of the Argentine Association of Polo Players.

At Agrotoken his mission is to make the bridge between the field and the crypto world, two worlds that the more they come together, the more they will be strengthened. The company already created the most real and trusted cryptocurrency in the world, and it will continue on this path to transform agribusiness as we know it.

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