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managing editor of the cryptoeconomic systems journal and conference series

Reuben Youngblom

Reuben Youngblom is Managing Editor of the Cryptoeconomic Systems Journal and Conference Series, an interdisciplinary effort between the DCI and MIT Press. He is a Fellow at Stanford Law School’s CodeX Center for Legal Informatics, where he runs the Blockchain Education Initiative, serves as a Coordinator for the RegTrax Blockchain Regulatory Tracking Initiative, and co-hosts the Our Data podcast. He also releases an annual ranking of universities for CoinDesk, evaluating the institutions’ impact in the blockchain space.

Reuben holds bachelor’s degrees in computer science, philosophy, and psychology; a master’s degree in philosophy; and a JD with an emphasis in intellectual property law. He regularly consults for blockchain startups, advising on technical and legal issues; contributes to the Ethereum ecosystem; and spends most of his free time in the ocean.

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